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I've made my living as a computer programmer (programming, design, administration, consulting, ...) for the last 30+ years.  I live in Garland, Texas (a Dallas suburb). I occasionally/used to sing (2) at various Opry's around the Dallas/Fort Worth area on the weekends. I'm married. We have 2 kids (well they're not really "kids" anymore) and 3 dogs. The fish died :-(

My main areas of expertise are in Linux/Unix, C, C++, Java, MySQL, SqLite, Oracle, PostgreSQL, with some experience in Sybase and Informix. I've also built Web sites, written programs for the Palm Pilot, tinker with embedded linux hardware and setup computer systems (i.e. Unix and anything that runs on a PC). If you just happened to drop by and need any of these services, drop me an email. There is a link to my (mostly up-to-date) resume below.

I have a Parrot Bebop Drone

I'm thinner now. This is how I lost 70+ pounds in 6 months

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